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Our mission is to better the future with industry-leading Internet, Mobile, Television, Satellite and Business.

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We are commited to deliver
high-speed internet access

About wifiplus

WiFi Plus Solutions is a performing wireless internet provider, seamlessly connecting individuals
and businesses to the digital world. WiFi Plus solutions is a wholly private owned organization that was found in 2023 under the laws of United Republic of Tanzania. With a great commitment to delivering high-speed internet access, we have been able to revolutionalize the internet band with subscription system to time subscription and serve our customers with unlimited Internet service.

Boasting an extensive network infrastructure and the wireless connectivity technology, we cover diversegeographical areas, offering a wide range of flexible plans to meet the unique needs of its clients. WiFi Plus Solutions prides itself on innovation
to provide an exceptional & customer tailored internet experience. As a customer-centric company, WiFi Plus Solutions prioritizes reliability, speed, and customer satisfaction, making it a trusted choice for those seeking seamless and efficient wireless internet solutions.

Our Mission
To democratize access to the digital world by providing affordable and personalized WiFi solutions.
Through innovative packages and flexible pricing, we aim to bridge the digital divide, empowering individuals and businesses with reliable, high-speed internet, ensuring connectivity is accessible to all, fostering a connected and inclusive society.
Our Vision
Empowering seamless connectivity
Our vision is to be the premier WiFi service provider, revolutionizing digital experiences by delivering reliable, high-speed wireless solutions that connect people and businesses effortlessly, fostering a world where connectivity is a gateway to limitless possibilities.

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Our core values

We're committed to reliability, innovation, sustainability, and delivering unparalleled
connectivity experiences for all our customers.


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